I have only been attending the MS group for a short time but already I have found it is a great comfort, it’s so nice speaking to other people who know exactly how you feel, pain, fatigue, emotions. Everyone is so friendly and the massage is excellent. When I walk out of that group every week I feel on top of the world. MS is an illness, it’s not the end of your life.


I have had ms for over 20 years and have been attending the group for the last 3. I find the exercise, advice and massage invaluable. Attending the group and taking part in the activities greatly improves my physical well-being. But just the fact of going to the group is a great support. It ‘lifts’ my mood and reassures me – to be able to speak to others in the same situation and their carers. I feel I have made lots of new friends too! My husband and mother both say they know when I’ve been to the group because I come home cheerful and encouraged!!!


I started attending the MSTG sessions in September 2009 and am only too sorry I didn’t know about the group earlier when I had a bit more mobility. Nonetheless I try to attend as regularly as possible and have nothing but praise for the wonderful work carried out by Elaine, the personal trainers and therapy masseuses.

The group meets every Thursday and MS patients and their friends/carers are welcome to come along. Patients take part in exercise, massage and reflexology sessions, and are able to talk about issues surrounding their MS or just enjoy everyone’s company. Friends/carers benefit from the social side of meeting other carers/friends/family members. There is always someone who has been there, done that, worn the t-shirt and flown the flag. There are plenty of MS materials to read/take away addressing many of the issues of MS. There are also other social events run by the Group which are a pleasure to attend and which help to raise much needed funds for the group to keep running.


I would be lost without the MSTG – Elaine and her team are the best. The exercise and massage really help with my legs. It is great to speak to other people with MS and you have brilliant support form the MSTG team – thank you all.


MSTG for me is an essential, it keeps me focused and positive. It reminds me of exercises I have done in the past but had maybe forgotten about. Left to my own devices, I would carry on doing exercise at home that I find easy whereas it reminds me to work towards improving the muscle groups that need extra work. I enjoy the social side and like having the opportunity to chat to others in a similar situation. I have attended Physio (for people with MS) through my local hospital but unfortunately it wasn’t a patch on the MSTG.



I feel cheerful on Thursdays because I get the opportunity to meet with other members of the MS Therapy Group.vI look forward to the Group exercise sessions which are so invigorating, and perhaps have a stretch and/or massage which is always soothing and relaxing. Overall, even if it is only for a short period I find it most enjoyable, despite the issues we all encounter with MS, and to be able to share thoughts and ideas in coping with this debilitating disease is of great comfort.


Thank you Elaine and MSTG – I have met such wonderful new friends. I accompany my husband each week and look forward to Thursdays as much as he does. I chat and laugh and discuss and listen and watch and learn (and sometimes get a little emotional too) along with MS sufferers and other spouses/carers. I’ve been given various tips from the instructors/therapists so I can help my husband at home with his exercise/stretch regime.

Now I’ve become a fundraiser, because I need the support of this Group as much as my husband does, and I want to help keep this truly remarkable Charity financially stable to continue to provide these essential services.

With eternal thanks. L x    -A Carer’s Perspective

I’ve only been going to the centre for 4 weeks but in that 4 weeks life has changed.

I was only diagnosed January 2011, then I had another relapse in October. Since then my symptoms have got worse with no respite. I felt I had been forgotten while I spent the last 4 months sitting on my sofa not knowing what to do or who to turn to.

I met Elaine who told me about the centre. I was so nervous the first day I went but soon got over that when I realised what a lovely place it was. I have met some absolutely lovely positive people there.

I feel SO much better mentally as I feel I have been given the tools to fight back. It’s so nice having somewhere to go where others understand what you are dealing with.

The massage is wonderful. I never realised it would help. I thought it would hurt but, wow what relief it gives me!

Everyone is so approachable. So pleased I made the effort to go there.


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