I have had ms for over 20 years and have been attending the group for the last 3. I find the exercise, advice and massage invaluable. Attending the group and taking part in the activities greatly improves my physical well-being. But just the fact of going to the group is a great support. It ‘lifts’ my mood and reassures me – to be able to speak to others in the same situation and their carers. I feel I have made lots of new friends too! My husband and mother both say they know when I’ve been to the group because I come home cheerful and encouraged!!!


I would be lost without the MSTG – Elaine and her team are the best. The exercise and massage really help with my legs. It is great to speak to other people with MS and you have brilliant support form the MSTG team – thank you all.


MSTG for me is an essential, it keeps me focused and positive. It reminds me of exercises I have done in the past but had maybe forgotten about. Left to my own devices, I would carry on doing exercise at home that I find easy whereas it reminds me to work towards improving the muscle groups that need extra work. I enjoy the social side and like having the opportunity to chat to others in a similar situation. I have attended Physio (for people with MS) through my local hospital but unfortunately it wasn’t a patch on the MSTG.


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