Managing your MS

Here’s some helpful links regarding managing your MS

The MS Trust have kindly given us permission to use the following links to access their factsheets from our website for which we would like to thank them.

Guide to good posture sittings

Understanding and improving your posture

At work with MS

MS and me

Bladder management factsheet

Bowel management factsheet 



Exercises for people with MS

Falls: Managing the Ups and Downs

Functional Electrical Stimulation (FES)

A kid’s guide to MS

Fatigue management for people with MS

A self-management guide to living with MS

A straightforward guide to MS

What does it mean for me?


Pregnancy and parenthood

Primary progressive MS exposed

Sex and MS – a guide for men

Sexuality and MS – a guide for women

Spasticity and spasms

Spasticity triggers

Talking with your kids about MS

Tips for living with MS

Vitamin D

The Young person’s guide to MS

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