Care Line

M.S. Therapy Group:  Help Line offering “MS Specialist Care” To Listen and To Help You

We still do not know how many people in England have M.S..  According to a survey from NHiSC Commissioning Excellence and the M.S. Trust, published in 2015, there are about 90,000 people with M.S..  In the period of 2013/2014, there were 23,665 non-elective admissions of people with M.S., 37% of emergency admissions were repeat admissions.  27% of the total admissions were emergency admissions (46% of overall spend which was £42million).  The most common reasons for admissions were urinary tract infections (14%), M.S. itself (10%) and Pneumonia and Pneumonitis due to food aspiration.
The 2015 report concluded that M.S. Specialist Nurses, GP’s and Community Rehabilitation Teams are key in the prevention of hospital admissions and M.S. people should have a yearly review with an M.S. Specialist.
Covid-19 in 2020 has reinforced the need for us to look at communication methods to keep people well – telephone, Skype, FaceTime, WhatsApp, Zoom for example.  The focus has been, and is on, KEEPING WELL.  We introduced the concept “Well-M.S.” in 1985 and ever since we have stressed the need to stay well, despite the label of M.S., hence our one aim – to keep you well – “Well M.S.”.
So if you need advice or help regarding your M.S., please do not hesitate to contact us on 07949946084 and we can arrange for you to have a consultation.
Kindest regards​
Yours sincerely,
Rudy Capildeo​
Consultant Neurologist
Elaine Bosley – MS Specialist.

Co Chair MS Therapy Group

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