Christmas, raffles and cakes!

Christmas raffle

The Christmas raffle tickets will be going on sale from Thursday 9th October. Be sure to grab a few for the chance to win a Christmas hamper and even a festive ‘booze’ hamper! If you’d like to donate anything for the raffle prizes, please feel free to bring them along to the club on Thursdays, or telephone Elaine.


Accepting all donations!

We have also started to collecting for our raffles in aid of the Dinner and Dance this coming February (2015). If you have any bottle of spirits, wine, unwanted presents or anything else you wouldn’t mind parting with, then please bring them along. All donations are gratefully appreciated and really make a difference.


Let them eat cake

Our cake sale day is on 30th October, so if you’ve been inspired by the Great British Bake Off then feel free to flex your culinary skills and bake a cake for the event! Alternatively, we’re happy to accept any bought cakes that you’d be willing to donate. Bring your friends and family along to for a spot of conversation over a slice of cake and a cup of tea!



A visit from Remap is on the cards

While a date has yet to be set, we are expecting a visit from Remap at some point to talk us through the services they provide. Remap is a group of engineers that can adapt, or create tailor made equipment for those with disabilities where there is no suitable alternative. An example of just some of things they can do includes:

  • Chair beds and sofa-raisers
  • Special ramps and hand rails
  • Eating and holding equipment
  • Head and neck supports
  • Laser walking sticks
  • Window and door openers
  • Plus many more!

As soon as I have a confirmed date I’ll be sure to post here, so keep an eye on the website.



We’re always looking for new fundraising options, so if anyone has any ideas or suggestions, please let us know at the MSTG club on Thursdays, or drop us a line on the website or on our facebook page.

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