Newsletter – Autmn 2013

Dear all,

Now that summer is on its way out, we are coming into the busiest time of the year for the M.S.T.G which continues to go from strength to strength  and there is plenty on the agenda.

Our fitness Instructor Laurie, having previously been in the army and still a serving Officer in the T.A is currently on ‘Active manoeuvres’ with the regulars. We wish him well and hope to welcome him back safely and soon!

Thanks to Jim Goddard (a very experienced, qualified instructor) for stepping into the breach. Jim was previously involved with the ‘Get Fit’ plan, which was mainly aimed at getting disabled people fitter.

And of course you have all seen a lot more of Natalie, our massage therapist who has introduced waxing and manicures/pedicures to the group. This has proved very popular.

Dr Marianne Kasti, a Consultant Neurologist with Basildon Hospital, has a great interest in MS and was keen to see the group in action so ‘popped in’ and ended up staying the whole session! She gave an informal talk and conducted a question and answer session which was well  received  by both Dr Kasti and patients. She was very impressed by the work in the group and by what the patients were achieving, so much so that she wants to visit on a regular basis. Dates are now being arranged.

Next month Dr Kasti and Elaine have organised  a ‘Research and Information Evening’, to be held on September 30th. Full details attached.  This should be an interesting evening and a chance to meet some experts in the field of MS.

We have a fund raising Indian evening on October 17th. Entertainment provided along with a choice of dishes.

Indian Evening: To be held at Hedley Spice, Warley Gap, Brentwood on October 17th, £25.

Our Annual Dinner Dance on February 8th 2014 – Deposits now being taken for an all-inclusive, great evening for £50.00!


Thank you!

Kulbir Dhingra of MandG insurance for all his help with securing funding which resulted in his company donating our new recumbent bike. Great for back support and easier to ‘board’. Thank you also to Vicky for telling them about us.

Bill Hinchen for all his work on designing our website and Facebook page. Take a look and if you want to advertise anything and let us know.

Sharon and Mark Vaughan for their generous donation of £500.

To all of you who collect coppers and small change for us. The large jar on Elaine’s desk often collects between £40–£60. It really makes a difference!!




Do you keep thinking about coming along to the therapy group but don’t quite get round to it?

Do you think it’s not for you? Will it be scary to come in?  Do you think it “won’t be friendly” or there will be “no-one like you”, that they will all be far worse or better?

Guess what? We aren’t scary (well, maybe Elaine on a bad day but you’re used to her!). There will be people there that are newly diagnosed and people that have living with M.S for decades and many somewhere in the middle! In other words people just like YOU!

The instructors and therapists are friendly and understanding. You will be assessed individually and a suitable exercise programme will be designed for you. Over the weeks we will guide and encourage you to more flexibility, co-ordination, balance and strength.

We also offer sports, therapeutic and lymphatic massage, reflexolgy, foot-care, waxing, manicure and pedicures. So, what are you waiting for? Come along and sit through a session and see for yourself, no commitment. You are so welcome.


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