2 thoughts on “Newsletters 2011 & 2012

  1. my length stay in queens hospital caused problems with department of work and pensons and motorbility. I was supposed to notify work and pensons within 10 days I was otherwise detained in intensive care on a life support. mum contacted them as soon asshe could she was under so much stress after being told on Christmas eve things didn’t look gr eat and be prepared for an unhappy ending. work and pensons contacted me I told them when i was discharged and was sent a bill for their overpayment. no problem about that id sooner be at home eating turkey and Christmas pud.
    motorbility was a pain apparantyley you are a loud a couple of weeks in hospital other than that anyother person driving the car isn’t covered. joe nearly had a fit. joe the quieiit layed back person nearly had a heart attack, don’t do that joe ive still got 3 years to go on the car!

    moral of this story don’t get ill if you do inform all the necessary people. work and pensons and motorbilityreassess your benefit when you return and the new people now have attitude when they ask you questions. get a life, I was a civil servant. your not that important but necessary. the government has changed your conditions as well. ha ha

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