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The M.S.T.G

Who are we and what do we do?

Think back to when you were diagnosed with M.S -you felt lonely? frightened? Angry?  Huge sense of loss? The world seemed a lonely place.  

There was very little support, contact. Information? drugs or therapy available.

Many consultants advised you to ‘take it easy’ and give up work, effectively saying there was nothing that would help slow or even help in the progression of the condition.

M.S Co-ordinator Nurse, Elaine Bosley and Consultant Rudy Capildeo didn’t believe this. They were very aware of the lack of support post diagnosis? They also challenged the effects of lack of regular physical exercise being offered to people with M.S,  they then started a monthly group. This was so successful the group became weekly and now meets every Thursday morning at the Army Reserve Centre, Warley, Essex.    

The group has evolved over the years and now employs three experienced exercise instructors and three massage therapists. Elaine remains at the helm steering the group forward.

So what do we do?  Well, when you arrive at the group the hardest thing is to walk through the door! But once you have, you will become part of our community.

We have large group exercise sessions and also small groups where people of similar ability work together. Or, if preferred or advised by the Instructor you can have a one on one .  Two of our instructors are also qualified in nutrition and Pilates and our massage therapists work to relieve pain and spasms,  leg oedema and reflexology. We also offer a foot care service,

Elaine is a wealth of information and advice and can offer advice and counsel to help equip you with the knowledge to deal with M.S.

The emphasis of our group is exercise with fun and new friends.  YOU being YOURSELF.

Come along, bring a friend or family member, take a look for yourself and try us for size. Never any harm in just looking, We promise you that the world is not so lonely now.        

For further information- call or text Elaine on 07592 453146



2 thoughts on “Welcome

  1. Iv’e been coming to group for about 6 years it helps me massively massage and stretching exercising has help me . Great meeting people in the same situation in group and socially GREAT PLACE . PHIL W

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